Provincial Grand Lodge of North Wales

No institution can boast a more solid foundation than that on which Freemasonry rests - the practice of every moral and social virtue!



Provincial Office Staff


Sally CollierJacqui Raco

Pictured, above left, is Sally Collier, secretary to the Provincial Grand Secretary, who has given excellent and exemplary service since accepting the role. Sally is one of the office stalwarts and has been in that position since joining the staff in Llandudno back in January of 1985.


Also pictured, on the right, is Jacqui Raco, the other stalwart of the office who has also given exemplary service since joining in January, 1987. Jacqui's job title is Financial Administrator though both she and Sally have a very varied workload. Both of their years of experience are of great benefit to the Province and they are able to guide most enquirers to a satisfactory conclusion.




 Freemasonry benefits both the Local & National Community 

Freemasons make a major contribution to society through their own charities, as well as through donations to UK charities and worldwide disaster relief funds, with members playing an active role in their communities.





Freemasonry is more relevant and important to society today than ever!