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£18,000 - Will provide an orphaned beneficiary with the stability and security of a boarding school environment for a year.

£2,300 - Would pay for a medical student to complete an elective period in a foreign hospital and assist in his/her qualification as a doctor.

£1,050 - Will provide a scholarship for one year for a beneficiary from a low income family while attending University.

£800 - Would allow a child to receive counselling following the death of a parent.

£770 - Will provide an 11-year-old with one term's maintenance allowance where family income after housing costs is less than £10,000 per annum.

£350 - Will buy a complete school uniform for a child to make sure they fit in with their peers on their first day at school.

£300 - Would allow a child to join classmates on a school organised educational visit abroad.

£260 - Will pay for a child to go on an activity holiday as a respite from their responsibilities at home, where their parent or sibling is disabled.

£200 - Will pay for one term of specialist tuition for a child with learning difficulties.

£60 - Will provide an achievement award in recognition of at least 6 GCSE passes at 'A' grade.

Your support can make a real difference


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