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At the Annual Meeting of the North Wales Provincial Grand Lodge on Saturday, 10th October, 2009, V.W. Bro. Michael Woodcock and W.Bro. Leslie Hutchinson of the RMTGB gave an impressive presentation of tremendous value in helping us to understand what our Festival is about and to realise what a worthy cause we are going to support. The RW Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Ieuan Redvers Jones, (pictured below, right) thanked both Brethren for their very ready and kind assistance. A copy of his address follows:

"This is a Charity that comes right into this Province, a Charity which directly assists the distressed and unfortunate amongst us. There is a booklet which you all will receive very soon. Read it, see how you can bring a smile to a child’s face, and hope to a sad family.

I have decided upon a target of £2.75 million. This figure was arrived at following advice from executive members of the NWMBA and very careful consideration of the current economic climate, especially in North Wales and of our decreasing membership. I am also very conscious of your generosity and am hopeful that you will sail to the target.

There will be a Festival Honorific, which with a commitment now to donate £500 over the Festival period you will immediately receive and be entitled to wear a Festival Jewel as a Steward. For a commitment to donate £1,000 you will be entitled to a Patronage. I was a Lawyer, not a mathematician but even I can work out that £500 over the remaining period is less than £5 per month. You pay more for your daily paper and I am sure that the benefit from this £5 will be far greater than anything the Press has ever given you. Just double the figure for the Patron’s Jewel.

I am pleased to inform you that the jewel has already been produced and is available once a commitment has been made. You can start today; the Standing Order and Gift Aid forms are available as are the Jewels. Many of you, I am sure, are already well on the way to the Target figure. If you already have a standing order in being the amount paid since the end of the last festival will be taken into account. To assist you all, the Provincial Charity Steward will arrange Forums and the Trust is also very willing to come around and preach to the unconverted as well as the converted. I will also make every effort to enable local donations to continue during the Festival period.

It is unlikely that I will be the PGM in 2017, so please ensure that my successor has a good start. But now let me give the Festival a kick off by donating on your behalf a cheque for £50,000 to the Trust.

Brethren go forth, collect and give to bring that smile to faces. Thank you."

"A Mason never stands as tall as when he gives generously to help
the distressed child of another Mason."

You can start a regular donation for just £5 per month,
just ask your charity steward who will be pleased to assist you.


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