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In the early 1980’s the RMIG and the RMIB were merged with the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, which was given the overall aim of relieving poverty and advancing education of children of all ages.

The girls’ charity was set up in 1788. The trust deeds allowed for legitimate daughters of, and female children legally adopted by, Freemasons who, from some unexpected calamity, were driven into poverty, to be educated at the School. All girls were boarders and educated free, unless it was deemed that a parental contribution was required in accordance with the income of the parent(s).

The boys’ charity followed in 1798 along similar lines to those for the girls. The Boys’ School was sold in 1977, and the money realised was, and still is, used for supporting boys at whatever school is best suited to their needs. The Girls’ School was not sold, but set up as a separate foundation as a Girls’ Independent School (The Rickmansworth Masonic School) operating in the private sector in competition with all others in the area. Two injunctions were laid upon the School: any girl placed there by the newly formed RMTGB would be accepted, and that if no Petition child were at the School, the Endowment would revert to the RMTGB to support Petition girls elsewhere. A girl would be sent to RMS or supported at any other school, according to the needs of the girl. In 1997 the name of the school reverted to The Royal Masonic School for Girls, by the gracious permission of Her Majesty the Queen.

In September 1982, the Trust Deed establishing the RMTGB was signed but it was not until January 1986 that the RMTGB became active. It then assumed the duties and became responsible for the Trusts of the former Charities, the RMIG and the RMIB. The merger created one new body having wider terms of reference and able to give greater assistance to the children of distressed Freemasons and, when resources permitted, to give relief to children outside the Craft.

By gracious permission of Her Majesty The Queen, the Trust adopted the name ‘Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys’ on 1 May 2003.


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