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On behalf of this Province I was pleased to accept the invitation of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys to arrange a Festival in support of their work.

At the outset I must thank the Trust for the tremendous support given to this Province so far and for its excellent presentation at the Provincial Meeting. I am grateful to the Trust for its willingness to produce a booklet, which will be presented to every Brother of this Province, relating its history and explaining its valuable work. In reading the booklet we will all come to realise the great responsibility we have to support this most important of Charities. I say most important because it cares for the children of Masons in so many ways. We cannot allow ourselves to miss this wonderful opportunity.

The Festival was officially launched at the Annual General Meeting of the Province in October and you are all aware of the figure I disclosed as our target. I am sure that the Brethren of this Province will again show how prepared they are to support those less fortunate than themselves and those families who can not give their children the advantages they should have.

There are many ways in which money can be raised and the Festival Committee will no doubt listen to and advise anyone who has ways or ideas for raising funds. Let us all enjoy this task together. Do not forget to sign the Gift Aid forms and remember, a small weekly sum will amount to a good contribution by 2017.

I may not be your Provincial Grand Master in 2017 but I will certainly, God willing, join in the Festivities and be very pleased to see my successor proudly announcing that the target has been reached, or with luck, exceeded.

Ieuan Redvers Jones
Provincial Grand Master


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