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Every application for support is different, the needs of each family will vary significantly and will depend on the funds now available to the family and the realisable expectations of the family had poverty not struck.

In the case which I outlined to you earlier with the husband who murdered his wife, there were three children involved, two boys and a girl. When the petition was accepted the girl was aged 6, the eldest boy was 4 and the youngest boy a mere 10 months old. The girl is now a 19 year old adult, and commenced studies for a degree at Essex University in September last year.

In this case the assessable income of the elderly grandparents was low and consisted only of their state and small occupational pensions. Initially, as the grandparents would have struggled to cope on a full time basis, it was agreed to support the girl at a fee-paying school as a weekly boarder. A few years later when the boys reached the appropriate age they too attended a fee-paying school as weekly boarders and received our support.

In a period of 13 years the Trust has awarded grants in excess of a staggering £350k to this one family. This level of expenditure does not happen often but we have to be prepared for it.

Over £350,000 on this one case- or an average of £9,100 per annum for each child. At any one time, we could be supporting as many as 1,700 children. So it is easy to see how our costs could escalate in the future!!!

As of the 9th of October 2009, there were 19 beneficiaries receiving the care and protection of the Trust from the Province of North Wales. In the last twelve months, almost £32,000 was expended on these beneficiaries alone. If we look at the last 5 years, expenditure increases to over £290,000.


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