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The Trust in Action Today
During 2008 we supported 796 girls and 766 boys at schools, colleges and universities. Many others benefited from grants from our subsidiary funds. In all over 1,730 were helped at a cost of almost £8.5M.

Our Presence in North Wales
Last year grants in excess of £28K have been awarded to 19 girls and boys from the Province. In addition, one young person has received grants amounting to almost £1K from the TalentAid scheme.

Over the last 5 years we have provided grants amounting to almost £175K to beneficiaries within the Province. Further grants of over £21K were provided through our TalentAid scheme.

Choral Bursaries
We also provide bursaries for choristers at many Cathredals. In 2008, 26 choristers benefited at a cost of £207K.

Lifelites was established by the Trust as its millennium project. Now a separately registered charity (No. 1115655) raising all their own funds, the RMTGB continues their support by donating offices and accountancy services.

Through the magic of technology, Lifelites gives life-limited and disabled children in hospices opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have. Thanks to their bundle of specialist equipment, these young people can learn and play, be creative, control something for themselves and communicate - for as long as it is possible.

They do this at every children’s hospice in the country including Ty Gobaith, the children’s hospice in Conwy. The hospice was opened in the summer of 2004 and now provides regular periods of respite care to more than 70 terminally ill children and their families.

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